_AP29534_webLars A. Rosumek looks back to more than 15 years of experiences in succesfully advising and leading multinational companies and organizations in strategic communication, corporate affairs and governmental relations in a global, multi-cultural environment. His work was honored with several international awards. He can rely on a proven network in the Asia Pacific Region, especially in China, as well as in the Americas.

He studied Communications Science and History at the University of Leipzig and holds a Master of Arts degree. He regularly publishes books and articles on strategic communication, corporate affairs and governmental relations and is a lecturer and speaker.

Current Position: Senior Vice President Group Communications at Voith GmbH

  • Responsible for all Corporate and Market related global communication activities at Voith (5.3 billion Euro sales, 39.000 employees worldwide in fiscal year 2013/14)
  • Responsible for Governmental / NGO-Relations
  • Group Spokesperson
  • Supervising the Liason Office for the Chairman of Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business (APA) with strong ties to German Industry, Business Associations and German as well as Asian Governments